June 2, 2023
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Sell ​​electricity to Tesla and earn $580 Powerwall to easily resell solar power storage

Tesla recently launched Tesla Electric, a virtual power plant (VPP), which allows users to automatically sell electricity to the grid through Powerwall. The plan is currently only open to some customers in Texas, USA. Users can earn US$2 for every kilowatt-hour of electricity sold. In an earlier test event, some users earned US$75 (approximately HK$582) a day.

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Tesla stated on its official website that solar energy and Powerwall can help users and their communities shorten the transition period to sustainable energy. The Powerwall automatically decides when to charge, when to sell power to the grid, and maximizes the value of the user’s solar energy, adding more renewable electricity to the grid. While users of Tesla Electric can introduce electricity through the grid, Tesla will provide users with 100% renewable resources to achieve sustainable development goals.

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Powerwall is Tesla’s home energy storage product, which can store electricity generated by solar panels in users’ homes. However, this program has not yet been officially opened. Only users actively invited by Tesla Electric can join the program, and users who live in Texas and have installed Powerwall at home may be invited.


Alex Guichet, head of Tesla application products, said on Twitter last Thursday (15th) that Tesla Electric provides real-time priced retail electricity to users in Texas, saying that the plan is competitive and can help users avoid the highest electricity prices.


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