March 28, 2023
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Seamless update feature launched for 6 years on Samsung phones will finally be introduced next year

In an earlier interview with the website Android Authority, Sally Hyesoon Jeong, vice president of Samsung Electronics, revealed the happy news for Galaxy mobile phone users. She confirmed that the One UI 6 system interface, which will be launched in 2023, will introduce seamless Android updates for the first time ( Seamless Update) function.

The seamless update function is to reserve two partitions A / B for the Android system. When the user is using the system version in the A area, the system that needs to be updated will be downloaded in advance and ready in the B area. The user only needs to shut down and restart the phone. The newer system version in area B will be automatically loaded. This way of alternating between A/B areas can reduce the time for users to wait and the device is offline. If there is a problem during the update process, it can also use the old version of the system, reducing the chance of data loss.

After Google introduced the seamless update feature in 2016, some manufacturers have followed suit, but Samsung has not followed suit. Earlier, Google announced that all manufacturers need to verify the new device, and the pre-loaded Android 13 must have seamless update function. Therefore, Samsung will also provide One UI 6. It is estimated that the Galaxy S23 series, which will be launched next year, will not be equipped with One UI 6 interface. But seamless updates will also be available on preloaded systems.

Data and picture sources:gsmarena Mewe page:

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