March 29, 2023
960 seagate tu 1 she ying yu zhi hao

Seagate embraces IT modernization to accelerate transformation, and relies on data lake platform to overcome petabyte-level data challenges

Walking into Seagate’s smart factory in Singapore, there are dozens of production lines on the first floor alone. Looking in from the door and window at the entrance, a disc made of glass discs (recording media) is about to be put into a box. It is sent into it for processing, and the process is one stop after another. There are 5 to 6 processing steps in a process. Each step cannot tolerate the slightest error until the packaging is completed and ready for shipment. The quality control personnel only need to scan the barcode on the disc box packaging, and all the records of the production process can be immediately displayed on the computer screen, which machine was produced, which tests have been passed, and even the data collected by each IoT sensor. , all at a glance.

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