June 6, 2023
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Samsung plans to expand fingerprint recognition to the entire screen: it can be unlocked with just one touch, and the security is 2.5 billion times that of the Galaxy S22! – Urban Tech Story Version

The fingerprint unlocking under the screen can be said to be one of the standard features of the flagship phone.According to the latest news, Samsung is developing a new OLED mobile phone screen, and plans toThe scope of fingerprint identification will be greatly increasedor can achieveThe whole screen can be unlocked by fingerprint recognition.And the new fingerprint reader is more secure than the one used on the Galaxy S22 series2.5 billion times

Dieter May, CEO of French fingerprint recognition technology company ISORG, said in an interview that Samsung is developing an OLED screen that is equipped with a fingerprint reader that can greatly increase the recognizable range, or that fingerprints can be unlocked anywhere on the entire screen of the phone.

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Not only has the recognition range increased, but its security has also been greatly improved. According to a report from SamMobile, Samsung’s next-generation mobile phone may use the Qualcomm 3D Sonic Max fingerprint reader, which can scan three fingerprints at a time. The chance of using a single fingerprint to open the phone by mistake is only 0.0002%, and the security will be 2.5 billion times higher than the current single fingerprint recognition of the Galaxy S22 series.

In this regard, Samsung has not yet made any response and announced relevant information.If the technology is successfully developed, it is expected to be used in the future Samsung Galaxy S series, as early as In 2025, a mobile phone equipped with three-fingerprint recognition will be released

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