June 2, 2023
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Samsung cancels CES to publicly showcase new MicroLED TVs to prevent Chinese manufacturers from copying

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which opened in Las Vegas this Thursday, Samsung Electronics has a large exhibition hall to showcase its new products and technologies to the public, including screens and TV products. However, South Korean media “North Korea A special reporter from the Daily revealed that in order to avoid plagiarism from Chinese manufacturers, the highest-end products were put away and only displayed to local customers and media.

According to reports, Samsung rented a venue for a non-public exhibition in a hotel 4 kilometers away from the CES venue, and displayed the latest top-level Micro LED TV worth 100 million won to selected VIP guests, customers and media. The main Micro LED products were withdrawn from the main venue of CES. A person from Samsung told Chosun Ilbo that competitors from China used to send personnel to the exhibition hall to measure the size and thickness of new products, and even measure the temperature of the screen, and use the data to launch counterfeit products.

In order to prevent technology from being stolen by Chinese manufacturers, Samsung decided to find another venue this year to arrange a non-public exhibition area, which is only open to invited people. Even in the main venue of CES, Samsung has changed from the previous practice of simply displaying new products, to using different application scenarios as the theme, emphasizing the convenience of connection and interaction, and mixing old and new products on display, making it difficult for visitors to distinguish them for a while. Samsung personnel pointed out that this arrangement can not only ensure technical security, but also demonstrate the advantages of device connection to visitors. Another non-public exhibition area allows customers who intend to purchase to provide new product information for targeted sales and sign contracts.

Source of information and pictures: Chosun Ilbo

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