June 4, 2023
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Sales of PS5 in Japan plummeted by 40%, and Switch lost for the first time in 8 weeks | TechNews

Sales of PS5 in Japan plummeted by 40%, and Switch lost for the first time in 8 weeks

Last week, sales of game consoles in Japan dropped by 30%, falling below the 100,000-unit mark, of which PS5 sales plummeted by 40%, losing to Nintendo Switch for the first time in 8 weeks.

Japanese game general intelligence media Famitsu released statistics on the 23rd, pointing out that sales of Nintendo Switch series and Sony PS5 series continued to shrink, which dragged down the overall sales of Japanese game consoles (including Switch, PS5) last week (March 13-19). , XSX/S) decreased by 29% from last week (March 6-12) to 90,551 units, shrinking for the third consecutive week, and the weekly sales volume fell below the 100,000 unit level for the first time in eight weeks.

In terms of machine types, last week Nintendo’s Switch series (regular version Switch + Switch Lite + OLED version Switch) sold 49,585 units in Japan, a decrease of 17% from the previous week, showing a decrease for the second consecutive week, but the weekly sales volume was 8 For the first time in a week, it surpassed Sony PS5 and dominated the Japanese game console market. Among them, the sales of the general version of Switch decreased by 21% from last week to 9,798 units, the sales of Switch Lite decreased by 35% to 6,637 units, and the sales of OLED version of Switch decreased by 11% to 33,150 units.

Last week, Sony’s PS5 series (standard version with CD drive + digital version without CD drive) sold 40,411 units in Japan, a drop of nearly 40% compared to the previous week (38%), the third in a row. week decrease. Among them, the sales volume of the standard version PS5 in Japan last week dropped by 34% to 34,156 units compared with the previous week, and the sales of the digital version dropped by 53% to 6,255 units.

Last week, the sales volume of Microsoft (Microsoft) Xbox Series X/S (XSX/S) in Japan was 555 units, a sharp drop of 81% compared with last week. Among them, the sales volume of XSX dropped by 82% to 497 units, and that of XSS dropped by 63%. to 58 units.

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