March 25, 2023
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Russian keyboards are in short supply due to sanctions, Hong Kong companies export parallel imports to Russia, hoping to bring opportunities- Hong Kong

The outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian war has attracted global attention. Many Western countries are dissatisfied with Russia’s sending troops to Ukraine and imposed sanctions on it, which has hindered import and export trade and caused a shortage of local Russian keyboards, but it has brought opportunities to Hong Kong suppliers and distributors.

Affected by the Russian-Ukrainian war, many personal computer suppliers announced their withdrawal from the Russian market, resulting in a shortage of local personal computer products, thus attracting many parallel importers to bring their products to Russia from other countries, and Russia also acquiesced to parallel importation. to meet the needs of the local people.

Even though personal computer products can solve the supply shortage problem by importing parallel imports, they cannot solve the demand for Russian keyboards, causing inconvenience to consumers and retailers, and even extending to different maintenance problems. If there is no other way, parallel merchants can only engrave Russian characters on the keyboard, engrave Russian characters on the keyboard for customers at the point of sale, or attach a Russian label when selling the keyboard, but changing the original product will inevitably lead to Influence the customer’s perception of the product.

Therefore, Hong Kong, which has not been affected by the sanctions against Russia, can adapt to the current situation. Hong Kong suppliers can purchase keyboards, engrave their own Russian characters, and then repackage them for sale to the Russian market without fear of facing severe punishment for violating the sanctions. The industry expects that by the end of this year, the market share of Russian parallel products will exceed 10%, and it will further increase in 2023.

The Hong Kong Trade Development Council suggested that Hong Kong companies may consider entering the Russian market through multiple local e-commerce channels in Russia, or e-commerce platforms headquartered in China. Most e-commerce channels provide merchants with services such as customs clearance and foreign exchange processing. It is very convenient for Hong Kong businessmen who want to explore the Russian market.

source:Hong Kong Trade Development Council Mewe Page :

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