March 29, 2023

Russia warns Starlink again that it may be a target

During Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, SpaceX provided Ukraine with Starlink satellite network services. Even if the ground infrastructure is destroyed by the war, as long as there is electricity, the network connection can still be maintained. Russia has issued a warning at the United Nations, saying that if it continues to use Starlink for military purposes, it will become a military target.

Konstantin Vorontsov, deputy head of Russia’s UN delegation, accused the US of “provocative use of civilian satellites” at a meeting of the UN Committee on Disarmament and International Security earlier, referring to support for Ukraine through SpaceX’s Starlink system, a development that Russia warned of “” “Threats or use of force in space” plans to undermine international peace and intensify the arms race in space.

Russia has warned that quasi-civilian infrastructure could become a legitimate target of retaliation if this continues, suggesting they have the opportunity to attack Starlink satellites, but the current situation is still not beyond the “irrevocable border” and requires the United States to stop.

source:Russia UN

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