June 2, 2023
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Russia proposes legislation to prohibit remote work of IT staff to prevent leakage of sensitive national data- Hong Kong unwire.hk

Affected by the war between Russia and Ukraine, many IT talents in Russia have gone to other countries to work remotely. In order to prevent them from leaking sensitive data such as national security in foreign countries, the Russian Congress is enacting new legislation that intends to prohibit companies from implementing remote work and force IT talents to return.

Russia invaded Ukraine in late February last year, causing many Russians to flee their homes. Fearing that more professionals will leave the country and hit local industries, and that IT staff working in NATO countries may inadvertently share sensitive information, plans are being made to legislate against remote work to retain talent.

The digital department of the Russian government has expressed concern that if the legislation completely prohibits IT professionals from working remotely, this may lead to a decline in the work efficiency and competitiveness of Russian IT companies.

The Russian government estimates that 100,000 IT workers are currently working abroad for local companies and are trying to lure them back.State Duma of the Russian FederationChairman Vyacheslav Volodin believes that higher tax rates can be imposed on expats. However, some Russian IT professionals who have been working remotely overseas pointed out that they do not plan to return to Russia to work, and have even stopped paying taxes to the country, believing that paying taxes is fueling their military operations.


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