June 7, 2023
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Rumor has it that Apple wants to use MFi to limit USB-C speeds, which may violate EU regulations

Rumor has it that Apple wants to use MFi to limit USB-C speeds, which may violate EU regulations

Under the requirements of the European Union’s unified charging specification, Apple must unify the charging ports of electronic products into USB-C by the end of 2024. Now most people believe that Apple will take the lead in replacing this year’s iPhone 15 series with USB-C ports; Rumors claim that Apple, which has earned a lot of profits from certified cables for many years, will not be willing to allow all cables to support the iPhone, so it may use MFi certification to limit the charging and data transmission speed of USB-C cables.

It’s just that there is now an updated news that Apple’s wishful thinking may not be able to continue.

According to the “LAPTOP Magazine” report, there is a clear stipulation in the EU’s unified charging specification decree that the unified charging port “does not allow any restrictions.”

In the European Union’s unified charging port regulations, it is clearly stated that it will “severely crack down on companies that “unreasonably limit” the charging speed”, which clearly states how the charging speed of the cable should be compatible with the charger, and requires mobile phones It uses the USB Power Delivery charging communication protocol, and requires a charging power of at least 15W.

However, “LAPTOP Magazine” also mentioned that there is no mention of any content related to data transmission speed in the EU regulations, and believes that this may be an oversight by the EU; and “LAPTOP Magazine” also believes that the EU’s regulations The oversight could be exploited by a company that “may wish to make its own certified accessories work better.”

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