March 25, 2023
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RTX 4090 smokes only because of power cord problems NVIDIA announces recall of faulty products

Recently, many NVIDIA RTX 4090 users have posted on the Internet, saying that the graphics card they purchased had a phenomenon of burning at the power connection port, and some users even said that the graphics card had smoked. Some foreign DIY hardware websites pointed out that the problem occurred in the PCIe 12+4 Pin (12VHPWR) power adapter cable provided by NVIDIA, which means that the cable is easily broken, resulting in overheating.

It was reported earlier that NVIDIA RTX 4090 users encountered a smoke incident on the graphics card. NVIDIA expressed concern about the incident and compensated the affected users for changing the card. And many heat incident problems are concentrated in the power socket of the graphics card. Earlier in the foreign Reddit discussion forum, a player uploaded a picture and saw that the power socket of the graphics card was melted. It has also been reported that if the power adapter cable is bent or stressed, it will cause overheating problems.

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Foreign media have dissected this PCIe 12+4 Pin power adapter cable. The media found that there are 4 14AWG wires in the patch cord that are soldered to the 6 pins of the video card plug, but the internal bridge of the solder joints is too thin, so that after the wiring is bent, the wires of some solder joints will break , causing the current to concentrate on other contacts, causing the contacts to heat up.

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The media pointed out that this problem was not found in the wiring provided by many power supplies. The problem occurred in the 12VHPWR adapter cable produced by NVIDIA, and the internal wire breakage phenomenon occurred after the wire was subjected to buckling pressure.

At present, NVIDIA has followed up on the incident and recycled the problematic graphics card. Some users have received official compensation.

source:Igor’s Lab via Tom’s Hardware

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