May 28, 2023
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Robot delivery test in Cambridge, UK, cannot cross the road and needs to ask passers-by for help-Hong Kong

The food delivery robot company Starship Technologies has been testing robots to deliver food since November in Cambridge, England. Recently, some netizens uploaded photos of multiple robots queuing up to cross the road on Facebook, which caused a lot of discussion and reflected that robots are not yet available. Can be integrated into people’s daily living environment.

Naomi Davies, who took the photo, said that there were as many as seven robots waiting in line to cross the road, but the traffic lights turned three times, and the robots still dared not move forward to cross the road. Naomi pointed out that it was around 7:30 in the evening. She thought the robot would cross the road because of the traffic light change, but it just moved a little and then stopped. On one occasion, a dog walked by the robot, and the robot hesitated and stopped.

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Some netizens were curious about how the robot presses the crossing button of the traffic light. Naomi replied that the robot would talk to passers-by, and asked human beings to help press the button in a very polite manner. Naomi said that after three lights, finally one robot successfully crossed the road, but she was rushing home because of the cold temperature, so she didn’t know how long it took for the remaining robots to cross the road. When Starship Technologies responded to media inquiries later, their robots crossed the road 140,000 times a day around the world, usually automatically, and only in rare cases will they actively seek assistance, and the robot can also be driven by humans. remote control.

Source of information and pictures:BBC Mewe page:

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