May 28, 2023
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Riot Games sues NetEase for plagiarism, referring to changing “Valorant” to “Hyper Front”

According to online media “Polygon”, Riot Games filed a lawsuit against Chinese game developer NetEase, alleging that the latter’s “Hyper Front” 5-on-5 mobile shooting game is a complete copy of “Valorant”.

According to sources, the lawsuit will be launched in the courts of the United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil and Singapore. Riot Games lawyer Dan Babel pointed out that although the content of the lawsuits in various countries is slightly different, the main axis is still to propose that the game “Hyper Front” is “a copy of substantial parts of Valorant”.

NetEase’s “Hyper Front” (Chinese translation “Advanced War Zone”) is similar to “Valorant”. It is a first-person shooter game, which adopts 5-on-5 game rules and fights in different modes. Riot Games will launch “Valorant” on the Windows platform in 2020, and release the mobile version in 2021. The game is still under development.

NetEase will launch “Hyper Front” on Android and iOS platforms in 2022. Google Play Store shows that the game has 1 million downloads and 48,000 player reviews. This game is not available for download in the United States.

According to the lawsuit documents in the UK, Riot Games pointed out that there are many similarities between the two games, including characters, maps, weapons, weapon skin styles, accessories, etc. They even compared the statistics of weapons to prove that the two games similarities. Although NetEase made minor changes to the game after first receiving the complaint, Riot Games said its changes were insufficient and filed a lawsuit.

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NetEase did not comment on the lawsuit filed by Riot Games.


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