June 6, 2023
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Revisit the classic Palm Pilot with more than 560 programs on the Internet Archive

Nowadays almost everyone holds a smart phone, but before the invention of the smart phone, people usually use PDA personal digital assistants to assist memorandum, schedule, phone book, etc., and Palm is the most popular in the PDA market. Earlier, the file manager Jason Scott uploaded a large number of Palm programs to the Internet Archive website, allowing users to execute them directly through the website.

Scott has uploaded as many as 560 Palm programs to the Internet Archive, including a series of games in addition to applications. There is no lack of Shareware among these classic Palm programs, that is, paying to unlock and use the full version of the program. Take the stock trading computer program “StockCalc” as an example. Users need to use all the functions of the program, and they need to mail $15 to the developer’s office in New Hampshire. to get the unlock key.

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To make the Palm program run directly in the network environment, it took Scott nearly 6 months to use the Palm OS cloud emulator CloudpilotEmu in the Internet Archive. Although there are still minor flaws, such as the lack of introduction and description of some programs, but for netizens who want to remember or experience the way of using PDA in the past, this is definitely a good starting point.

Source of information and pictures:Internet Archive

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