June 9, 2023
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[Review]PS5/PS4 “The Callisto Protocol” Various bloody death screens + semi-finished products eager to release – Hong Kong unwire.hk

[Note: The following contains images of restricted-level games such as violence or blood]

Glen Schofield, the producer of the famous horror game “Dead space”, recently created a new work “The Callisto Protocol” in the third-person horror game genre in his self-founded game studio Striking Distance Studios, allowing players to face each other on the planet. Scenarios of different monsters. The producer claims that investing in Horror Engineering will definitely allow players to experience the feeling of horror all the time. The game will be officially released on December 2, 2022, and will be released on Xbox, Playstation and PC. This time, Playstation needs to pay to upgrade the PS5 version. Since the release of the Hong Kong CD version has been postponed for 3 weeks, Unwire will give priority to quenching readers’ thirst for reviews.

the callisto protocol 1a

▲The game is only available in Simplified Chinese

the callisto protocol 3

the callisto protocol 3a

▲ Comparing the English version with the Chinese version, the Chinese version has a larger font

Find a way to escape from the background of an alien prison

The story of “The Callisto Protocol” is based on one of Jupiter’s satellites called Callisto in 2320. The environment here is very harsh and lonely. When trying to find a way to escape from the prison, an infectious disease of unknown origin is slowly spreading to every place. Except for the protagonist, many people have turned into scary and weird creatures. Players need to manipulate the protagonist to escape under strict surveillance. Prison has to survive another group of weird creatures, and inadvertently uncovers a secret that lasted hundreds of years before the catastrophe.

the callisto protocol 79

▲ Callisto’s satellite

the callisto protocol 8

▲Started to escape from prison but survived

the callisto protocol 107

▲Infectious diseases of unknown origin

the callisto protocol 116

▲ The game will slowly discover hundreds of years of secrets

Journey through despair in the depths of no one

“The Callisto Protocol” is a horror-based game. Players need to go to different places alone to explore and find the exit. And every time and every chapter, players first need to adapt to different environments, such as walking in the snow, in the sewers full of horrible monsters, or in prisons full of organs and traps, etc. There is no fixed route on the field, but even if there is a branch road, it will eventually return to the main line, but the crises encountered are different. In a helpless and terrifying environment, with the game sound effects, players can take every step There is a sense of oppression, and players must have the experience of being in it under the powerful game screen.

the callisto protocol 80

▲ Survive in the boundless universe

the callisto protocol 93

▲From deep fear

the callisto protocol 112

▲The empty laboratory

the callisto protocol 77

▲Slowly advance under the ice and snow

the callisto protocol 67

▲ Terrible laboratory

Invisible danger hides a corner mutant monster

In addition to the cooperation of the environment and the sound, all monsters appear around the player anytime and anywhere. Sometimes the sound is heard but the location cannot be grasped, which will make the player wonder where it will appear next. But the game likes to arrange monsters in unexpected places. Even the safest place will be the most dangerous place. The whole creepy sense of pressure not only keeps players alert all the time, but also prepares them for battle . As the game progresses, players will encounter many different types of monsters. In addition to learning how to break free in different ways, players also need to prevent them from further mutations. Even if they can prevent being raided, it is not easy to simply pass the level in the face of mutant monsters.

the callisto protocol 18

▲ Open the door and be raided if you have a chance

the callisto protocol 50

▲The monster on the edge is quite scary

the callisto protocol 83

▲Even if you can see monsters, you can’t describe them

the callisto protocol 111

▲ Struggling under monster attacks

The bloody level is full of various death modes to experience

“The Callisto Protocol” is full of very violent blood and blood. After playing this game, you will understand why Japan directly banned the game without rating it. Whether there are piles of corpses on the field or the scene of the battle, there is a lot of bright red blood. and body remains. The game’s finishing moves are also full of violence. Headshots and amputations are no longer a problem. There will also be close-up execution screens for players to “feast their eyes”. However, another selling point of the game is that when players are killed by different things, they all have unique death animations that allow players to “feast their eyes”, so players can also be intentionally killed while playing to enjoy a different death experience. Even the season pass version, which was released together recently, will be updated with dozens of more ways to die. It can be seen that the producer has put a lot of thought into making death never boring.

the callisto protocol 114

▲Every hit has a bleeding effect

the callisto protocol 73

▲The bloody level is full

the callisto protocol 75

▲ Field traps have animation death methods

the callisto protocol 28

▲ Various death experiences of being killed

Tips and Tactics Battle to the death with monsters

The fighting methods of “The Callisto Protocol” will increase with the progress of the game. The protagonist has evolved from the iron rod at the beginning to the guard’s electric shock rod, and later will obtain long-range weapons from pistols to rifles and so on. In addition to weapons, there are many ways to deal with monsters. Many people often discuss that as long as you use evasive attacks, you can pass most of the levels. However, evading attacks will be relatively slow in the later stage, and counterattacks will cause higher damage. Then you can also use the scene trap of the geographical environment to kill the enemy, or use the special weapon “GPR” to use the gravity to repel the enemy. However, as an action game, “The Callisto Protocol” is very particular about the mutual use of long-distance attack. Using the “replenishment gun” technique to cause damage combo greatly improves the fault tolerance rate and prevents monsters from killing players easily.

the callisto protocol 65

▲ Avoiding attacks is an effective method in the early stage

the callisto protocol 36

▲Heavy attack can repel the enemy

the callisto protocol 72

▲ Long-distance attacks are also quite effective

the callisto protocol 13

▲ Use gravity or heavy attack to push the enemy into the trap

The choice of equally precious weapons and props

In addition to purchasing props in the game, they will randomly fall out when you “step” on the monster after the death. In addition, there are opportunities to obtain parts, ammunition and money, but all of the above are actually money. As the game progresses, you will reach the store. In addition to buying and selling consumables, you can also upgrade your skills. In the early stages of the game, because you get less money, you need to upgrade your skills by selling items. The early battles are relatively simple and you can save a lot of supplements. Potions for players to sell. Since there are more types of bullets in the later period, selling bullets is also a better way to make money. Therefore, in addition to testing player skills, “The Callisto Protocol” also needs to consider the allocation of consumables. Random waste will cause a lot of trouble in the later stages of the game.

the callisto protocol 41

▲Remember to “step on” a foot

the callisto protocol 68

▲ There are many supplies in the game treasure chest

the callisto protocol 99

▲A lot of upgradeable skills

the callisto protocol 85

▲Selling ammunition or parts can get considerable income

the callisto protocol 34

▲The appearance will be slightly different when strengthening the equipment

Regardless of the host, the current gaming experience is not good

Although the game is very interesting, “The Callisto Protocol” has a lot of shortcomings. It is very obvious on PC, there will be obvious lag and fps drop, and even the latest update file has not effectively relieved the situation. Later, the playing experience on the PS5 host is relatively better. Although the fps will also drop, there is a strong comparison compared with the PC version. In addition, there are incorrect translations and a lot of bugs. Before the explosion test, the upper body has disappeared. Although it is still alive and cannot attack, it can still move freely. It is a bit like Among us who was killed and left the lower body with dots. Bad taste. In addition, there were many crashes on the way, and the game had to be restarted to solve the problem.

the callisto protocol 56

▲The high dynamic picture lag machine is serious

the callisto protocol 101

▲ The game will drop fps for a long time

the callisto protocol 46

▲Evil bugs

Summary: The fear stems from the lack of force and the rush to launch a semi-finished masterpiece

To sum up, “The Callisto Protocol” is an exciting survival action game, but various problems caused by the game seriously affect the playing experience. Although it is very uncomfortable because of too many bugs during the game, the horror atmosphere brought out by the game and the layout of the monsters make people want to have the motivation to continue playing, and there are some stealth levels on the way that make people sweat. There will be sudden additional situations that make players need to take care of more. The overall length of the game is actually a little shorter than in the similar one, and there are still many obvious volt lines after the explosion. What is confusing is that the game cannot inherit the explosion file. It will have to wait until January next year to have the NEW GAME+ mode and higher difficulty. For this half-finished game, a HK$238 season ticket has been piled up, including 2 new modes and 1 story DLC. Will players compromise and pay? Now that the release of the current version of the CD is also postponed, people can’t help but imagine whether the game will be too eager to launch. Maybe “The Callisto Protocol” wants to take the lead before “DEAD SPACE REMAKE”. Although there are many problems, when it comes to gameplay and horror The level is worth recommending to players, at least after the launch of the season pass content, it will be replayed again.

the callisto protocol 81

▲The picture and special effects are super beautiful

the callisto protocol 94

▲ The scary atmosphere is perfect

the callisto protocol 90

▲ There are at least 6 monsters surrounded here

the callisto protocol 126

▲The foreshadowing of the ending is obvious

the callisto protocol 128

▲The content of the season ticket will not be updated until next year

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