March 29, 2023
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[Review]Beyerdynamic SPACE Bluetooth/USB Speaker Beyerdynamic MMX100 Gaming Headphones with Texture + Beautiful Vocals + Meeting and Playing Machines

Beyerdynamic, which has always introduced high-quality audio equipment, this time brings the Beyerdynamic SPACE Bluetooth/USB speaker that focuses on high-quality calls. In addition to connecting to a phone for ordinary calls, it can also be connected to a tablet computer to replace the original radio microphone for meetings. If you want to maintain privacy, you can also use the Beyerdynamic MMX100 Gaming headsets have clear voices for meetings, and can also be used for meetings and gaming, killing two birds with one stone.


▲Beyerdynamic SPACE

It has a textured appearance and looks like a UFO

Let’s talk about Beyerdynamic SPACE in Scandinavian Grey, also available in Charcoal and Aquamarine. There are not many accessories, except for the main body of the fuselage, there is only a USB-C connection cable, USB-A rotor and a dark gray storage bag. The fuselage uses a mesh material, which is not textured to the touch. The round and simple design can basically be held with one hand. If you look at it, it looks like a UFO.


▲Nordic gray


▲USB-C connection cable, USB-A head and a dark gray storage bag

The bottom of the machine can be installed with a tripod

There is a switch on the top of the machine, which can be turned on and off with a long press. There is a USB-C socket that can be connected to a mobile phone, tablet or computer, and there is a Kensington anti-theft lock on the left side of the USB-C socket. The bottom of the Beyerdynamic SPACE is also the essence. There is a 1/4 screw hole on the bottom of the machine. Users can install the Beyerdynamic SPACE on the tripod. There is a magnetic suction position under the screw hole where the USB-A rotor can be placed. Users need to use a little force to install it to prevent accidental contact.


▲Kensington anti-theft lock (left), USB-C socket (middle), switch (right)


▲The 1/4 screw hole and the magnetic suction position for the USB-A rotor

Intuitively marked

There are 8 touch buttons on the fuselage, and the labels are quite intuitive. Basically, you can understand the usage at a glance, except for a button with the word Beyerdynamic on the upper left, which stands for “multi-function button”, and its main function is to pause or play music. , play the next or previous music, and turn on Siri.


▲Multi-function button with Beyerdynamic logo

The method of bluetooth connection is very simple. Just long press the bluetooth button, Beyerdynamic SPACE will make a “Pairing” sound, and a red flashing light will appear. When connected, it will make a phone call sound. creative. When connected to Bluetooth, the blue LED will light up.DSC08540

▲Bluetooth connection

meet daily needs

The battery life of Beyerdynamic SPACE is up to 20 hours, and it can be used for 2 hours after 10 minutes of charging, and Beyerdynamic SPACE also supports IP64 waterproof and dustproof specifications, which is waterproof enough. If the user wants to check the power level, they can press the battery button to see the power level, and the power level will be indicated by green, yellow and red respectively. After pressing the sound button, the LED indicator light will display the volume, allowing users to adjust without using the computer.


▲Yellow means the battery is still 25% to 62.5%

Certified for Microsoft Teams first-class meeting

Of course, the speaker for the main call will definitely support communication platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, which can quickly make calls or meetings, and Beyerdynamic SPACE has obtained the official certification of Zoom, and is 100% compatible with Microsoft Teams. Beyerdynamic SPACE has added 360-degree smart microphone technology, and I use Google Meet to make calls. The voice is excellent and clear. It is suitable for indoor use such as an office or at home, even if it is a few feet away.


▲ Certified by Microsoft Teams


▲It is suitable for indoor use such as office or home

Outstanding vocals, good low frequency

Beyerdynamic SPACE is equipped with 1.5-inch full-range speakers. Xiaobian turned on the computer Spotify to listen to Zheng Zhongji’s “I Cry for You”. There are a lot of wooden guitars in the song, and the performance is quite clear, and the vocals are very outstanding. Listen to Leslie Cheung’s “Storm Clan – Remix”, the song can be described as a low-frequency card test song, and Beyerdynamic SPACE has done a good job, with weight, enough potential, and worthy of the price, but the music is relatively backward, almost layered, but it is the main hit The speaker for calls is really well done.

Screenshot 2022 10 21 at 1.29.18 PM

▲ Zheng Zhongji “I cry for you”

Screenshot 2022 10 21 at 1.38.12 PM

▲ Leslie Cheung “Storm Clan – Remix”

Beyerdynamic MMX100 gaming headset

Grey is more layered

Beyerdynamic MMX100 is available in black and gray. I received gray, and gray is different from the usual impression of black gaming products. The gray body has a simple beauty. I think gray is more layered than black. sense. In addition to the main body of the fuselage, a META VOICE microphone that can be adjusted at will, and two 3.5 mm connecting cables are attached.


▲Beyerdynamic MMX100


▲META VOICE microphone


▲Two 3.5 mm connecting wires

Simple design keys are very intuitive

The design of the fuselage is simple and direct. The buttons and jacks are all at the bottom left. There is a 3.5mm jack for connecting a META VOICE microphone, a 3.5mm jack for connecting to a computer, a microphone switch, and a volume control dial. Control is very intuitive.



▲The buttons and jacks are all at the bottom left

Comfortable memory foam

The design of Beyerdynamic MMX100 is not much different from that of general over-ear headphones. The ear pads are filled with soft leather and memory foam, and the top part of the head is relatively soft. I have worn them for 2 hours, and they are still very comfortable. The pad part always needs to accommodate sound insulation and comfort, so it is a bit cramped, and it may not be able to be worn for a long time.


▲The ear pads are filled with soft leather and memory foam


▲The top part of the head is also relatively soft

High level of vocal detail, first-class meeting

The editor turned on Spotify on a MacBook Pro to listen to Gigi Leung’s “Today”, and it was obvious that the vocals were very prominent and detailed, and the high-frequency sound of the guitar was very clear and distinct. I think the Beyerdynamic MMX100 is quite good for listening to podcasts and for meetings.

Screenshot 2022 10 28 at 1.44.03 PM

Can discern footsteps

The editor played “Apex Legends” for testing. “Apex Legends” is a first-person shooter game, which contains a lot of sound effects such as blasting and gunshots. Beyerdynamic MMX100 can distinguish the left and right distances, and the footsteps can be clearly heard.

Apex Legends Screenshot 2022.09.09

Summary: textured vocals are clear and suitable for daily use

The design and materials of Beyerdynamic SPACE are indeed excellent, with a Nordic simplicity. Human voice is also its selling point, and the overall performance is good, suitable for daily use. Beyerdynamic MMX100 The sound field is wide, the orientation of the machine is first-class, the vocal interpretation is excellent, and the noise reduction META VOICE Cardioid condenser microphone,for a meetingCan block surrounding sounds.

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