March 25, 2023

Restrictions on Chinese semiconductors also hurt U.S. companies

The impact of the US tightening export restrictions on cutting-edge semiconductor technologies to China is increasingly affecting related companies. Applied Materials, a large manufacturing facility, lowered its results for the August-October 2022 period. According to the release data of American Applied Materials, the original sales forecast from August to October was about 6.65 billion US dollars, but now it has been lowered to about 6.4 billion US dollars, and the profit per share forecast has also been lowered. Sales are expected to drop by $250 million to $550 million as export restrictions to China are tightened. The company’s May-July 2022 sales to China were $1.779 billion, accounting for 27% of total sales, the highest among all regions. The world’s semiconductor device sales to mainland China was US$22 billion, second only to Taiwan and South Korea, accounting for 22% of total sales. The new regulations in the United States are a “double-edged sword”,also affect the performance of U.S. companies

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