June 6, 2023
iPhone 被笑话,雷军:没有对标的勇气,怎么能把高端手机做好

Responding to being joked about benchmarking iPhone, Lei Jun: Without the courage to benchmark, how can high-end mobile phones be made well- TechNave 中文版

The Xiaomi 13 series has been officially released. At the press conference, Lei Jun mentioned that he proposed to benchmark the iPhone more than a year ago, and many people on the Internet laughed at him. In response to this, he said that if Xiaomi does not have the courage and determination to benchmark the iPhone, how can it make high-end mobile phones well.

Lei Jun said: “If Xiaomi doesn’t have the courage and determination to benchmark the iPhone, how can it make high-end mobile phones well, so fully benchmarking the iPhone is to learn from the iPhone, and it is the beginning of the opportunity to surpass the iPhone in the future, so both software and hardware must be serious. Against the iPhone.”

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Lei Jun also said that Xiaomi invests a lot in research and development every year. Currently, in the high-end mobile phone market, there are only two brands that do double-size and double-high end, one is Apple and the other is Xiaomi. This is because the dual-size needs to customize two screens, and it costs two shares, which is a huge investment.

It is worth mentioning that Lei Jun said that 2020-2022 is a three-year exploration period for Xiaomi’s high-end strategy, especially in the last six months when breakthroughs have been made. Xiaomi 10 in February 2020 is Xiaomi’s first attempt to enter the high-end market. Xiaomi 11 in December 2020 has made new breakthroughs in craftsmanship and design aesthetics. Xiaomi 12 in December 2021, focusing on experience first, called out the benchmark iPhone for the first time.

The Xiaomi 13 series of mobile phones is regarded as the answer to Xiaomi’s three-year high-end strategic exploration. Lei Jun said that he hopes to let everyone see that a brand new Xiaomi has begun.

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