June 6, 2023
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Resisting mobile phone addiction, American Generation Z snapped up flip feature phones | TechNews Technology New Report

Fighting phone addiction, US Gen Z snap up flip feature phones

While mobile phone manufacturers are still thinking about how to launch more innovative smartphones to attract users, the American generation Z now has different ideas. They are beginning to return to flip-shaped feature phones to avoid a lot of information bombardment. Generation Z refers to the generation born in the middle and late 1990s to the early 2010s. Generation Z users have faced smartphones since they were sensible, but they are also a generation of psychological depression, and the main reason affecting their mental health comes from Mobile phone addiction.

According to the Wall Street Journal, some Gen Z users in the U.S. are now moving away from smartphones in favor of feature phones with fewer features to free themselves from the deluge of daily information.

The concept of a flip feature phone is completely different from the current mainstream folding phone. A flip feature phone has fewer functions and is cheaper. Users can buy a feature phone for less than US$100 (about NT$3,070). The “benefit” of a feature phone is that it can’t let you connect to the Internet (some provide network functions, but you can’t browse social media), so as to avoid being bombarded by information; in feature phones, there is no temptation from FaceBook, Instagram, But without losing the ability to send a text message or make a phone call in an emergency.

Gen Z may not be the only consumers of feature phones, though. The Wall Street Journal quoted Lars Silberbauer, chief marketing officer of Nokia mobile phone manufacturer HMD Global, as saying that Nokia mobile phones can sell tens of thousands of flip-type feature phones in the United States every month; and the sales of different consumer groups are growing, which does not mean that Not a small trend.

In fact, the current feature phones are still slightly different from the traditional models. For example, most of these models will have Bluetooth, 4G, and camera functions, but they still retain some early designs, such as long battery life. Some models can browse the web, but the operating system does not support apps such as Instagram and TikTok.

But not everyone in this group is completely smartphone-free, with many buying feature phones as second phones in an effort to reduce their daily urge to browse apps like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat Program use.

(First image source: HMD Global)

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