June 9, 2023
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Report: Auto Industry Faces Serious Information Security Risks Vehicles Connected to the Cloud and Mobile Devices Are Easily Controlled by Hackers- Hong Kong unwire.hk

At the beginning of this year, a 19-year-old German teenager successfully hacked 25 Teslas through a vulnerability in Tesla’s third-party open source software, and the “KIA Challenge” of Tik Tok in the United States caused many vehicles and their contents to be stolen. Recently, an automotive information security company issued a report, pointing out that the global automotive industry is facing increasingly serious information security risks.

Anti-virus software Trend Micro’s automotive information security company “VicOne” released its 2022 annual report. The report pointed out that the global automotive industry is facing increasingly serious information security risks. Hackers can use the remote keyless system, charging facilities and vehicles Entertainment (IVI) and other vehicles use system vulnerabilities to launch attacks.

Hackers will collect user information through communication data transmission or mobile devices to infiltrate cloud service permissions such as emails, or send malicious programs to charging stations or vehicle computers to gain control.

Ziv Chang, deputy CEO of the Automotive Cyber ​​Threat Research Lab, said that as the market prospers, cyber attacks will surge, and the entire industry will face greater challenges than ever.

VicOne believes that the impact of intrusion incidents is not limited to the victims themselves, but also extends to automakers, suppliers and consumers. It reminds automotive supply chain partners to be alert to cybersecurity attacks and threats, and implements tailor-made cybersecurity solutions. Respond quickly to emerging threats.


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