June 7, 2023
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Reolink 4K PoE Network Surveillance NVR supports up to 16-Channel + 12TB HDD

I have introduced several IP Cams that support PoE power supply before, and I mentioned the NVR product. In fact, Reolink also provides one-stop supporting devices. They recently launched a PoE network monitoring NVR that supports 4K resolution. With Reolink’s camcorders, a monitoring network that can be intuitively controlled can be formed.

Support up to 16-Channel + 12TB HDD

The 4K PoE network monitoring NVRs launched by Reolink this time are RLN8-410 and RLN16-410. As the names suggest, the former can be connected to 8 IP Cams for monitoring in real time, while the latter can be connected to up to 16 IP Cams. IP Cam, and through HDMI and VGA dual output, you can watch 1ch up to 4K (4096 x 3072) and 1080p Main stream respectively in real time. The resolution of video recording and playback can also be up to 4K, and you can watch or play back 4-Channel quads at the same time. screen. In addition, the RLN8-410 has a SATA interface and an e-SATA external HDD interface, while the RLN16-410 has 2 SATA interfaces. The two models have built-in 2TB and 3TB HDD respectively, and each SATA / e -The SATA interface can be connected to a maximum 6TB HDD, in other words, the HDD used to store videos can be expanded to a maximum of 12TB. With the support of continuous recording, manual scheduling recording and motion detection triggered recording functions, even if it is necessary to meet continuous continuous recording for a long time There is no problem with HD surveillance video requirements.

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Support PoE power supply + full-featured mobile APP management

In addition, Reolink PoE NVR also supports PoE function, only one Cat 5 / 6 LAN cable can be connected to Reolink’s IP Cam to supply power for them during installation, which simplifies wiring. In addition, the setting is also very convenient. It supports the use of Reolink’s own APP. It can not only perform QR Code setting, alarm setting, simple video recording and review functions, but also provide split screen, video/photo on mobile phone, screen inversion and mirroring. User-friendly settings such as shooting, resolution settings, email settings, etc., allow users to easily control the Reolink IP Cam at home/office anytime, anywhere.

PoENVR Monitor

Reolink 4K Ultra HD PoE Network Monitoring NVR Function introduction

  • 8 / 16-channel simultaneous recording, monitoring and playback
  • Supports up to 4K (4096*3072) UHD resolution
  • Schedule / Motion & Manual Recording
  • PoE powers IP Camera
  • HDMI + VGA dual output simultaneous viewing
  • HDD capacity expandable up to 12TB
  • With USB port for external mouse and system upgrade
  • All-round multifunctional “Reolink” mobile app

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