June 4, 2023
realme 发布 240W 满级秒充:Type C 最高充电功率,realme GT Neo5 首发量产,2 月登场!

realme released 240W full-level second charge: the highest charging power of Type-C, realme GT Neo5 first mass-produced, debut in February!

At the realme realme flash charging technology communication meeting on January 5, realme officially announced the first mass-produced 240W full-level second charge, realme GT Neo5 will be launched for the first time, and will debut in February.


240W is currently the highest charging power supported by the Type-C interface. Realme uses a three-way 100W charge pump parallel design, 20V 12A input, 10V 24A output, and the charging conversion efficiency reaches 98.5%. realme has customized a 12A charging cable with the highest specification in the industry, which has increased the current carrying capacity by 20% compared with the previous generation.

The solution uses a 240W dual GaN mini charging head, which achieves the highest power density of 2.34W / CC in the industry, and uses a single USB-C interface, which is only 5% larger than the previous 150W charging head. The charging head supports the 240W SuperVOOC protocol and is compatible with the 65W PD protocol, QC protocol, and VOOC protocol.

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In terms of safety, realme GT Neo5 has 13 built-in temperature sensors, supports PS3 fire protection design + full-link safety monitoring mechanism, and has the industry’s largest 6580mm² graphene phase-change heat dissipation material built-in.

In addition, realme 240W fast charging can be done after 1600 0-100% complete charging cycles, and the effective capacity of the battery is not less than 80%; after 3200 simulated shallow charging and shallow discharging real use scene charging cycles, the machine has no abnormalities; at 85 ℃ high temperature, Under 85% high humidity environment, it can charge and discharge for 21 days without safety failure.


According to previous reports, realme GT Neo5 will use a 6.7-inch 1.5K large screen with a resolution of 2772*1240p, support 144Hz refresh rate and 2160Hz PWM dimming, and be equipped with a 3.2GHz first-generation Snapdragon 8+ processor.

In addition, the rear of the machine uses a 50MP IMX890 main camera (OIS). This model supports 0.6-20 times zoom, adopts an under-screen fingerprint recognition scheme, a plastic body, and is expected to support RGB lighting effects.

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