June 6, 2023
8 inch E Ink Foldable Gallery 3

Readers also play folding, Readmoo and Yuan Tai develop the world’s first folding e-book reader | TechNews Technology New Newspaper

Readers can also play folding, Readmoo and Yuantai jointly develop the world's first folding e-book reader

Folding machines have been a new topic in the mobile phone market in recent years, including Samsung, OPPO, and the rumored Google all have folding machine products. It is worth looking forward to that even e-book readers will also have folding machines in the future, and it is expected that Readmoo, a Taiwanese manufacturer, will make its world debut.

With the Touch Taiwan 2023 Smart Display Exhibition, Readmoo and E Ink jointly announced the latest color e-book reader project, which will use E Ink Gallery 3 full-color e-paper to develop the world’s first 8-inch folding reader device.

E Ink Gallery 3 is developed on the basis of E Ink ACeP (Advanced Color ePaper) full-color electronic paper display technology. It uses cyan, magenta, yellow, and white 4 kinds of electronic ink to mix colors to present full-color imaging, with vivid and saturated color effects . At the booth of Touch Taiwan 2023, Yuantai displayed the prototype of the 8-inch foldable E Ink Gallery 3, allowing users to experience its application effect first.

“In addition to giving readers more vivid and saturated color performance, Readmoo also has to challenge a new hardware design. I hope to use the 8-inch Gallery 3 to create a folding reader, taking into account the two major needs of readers for portable and large-size reading,” Readmoo read ink Pang Wenzhen, CEO of e-books, pointed out that in order to provide a more diverse reading experience, the Readmoo team continues to work closely with Yuantai, and will not lag behind in the development of color readers.

“I am very pleased that Readmoo uses the soft E Ink Gallery 3 technology to create a folding reader, bringing a new digital reading experience to the public.” Li Zhenghao, chairman of Yuantai Technology, said that the new machine will not only have more vivid and saturated full-color gamut color performance in the future , The page-changing speed is also greatly improved, coupled with the folding mechanism design, making the e-book reader more convenient to carry and read.

At present, the smallest 6-inch model in the e-book reader market is easy to carry. If the folding mechanism can be designed to reduce the size of the model with a larger screen, it will not only be more comfortable for reading, but also can be carried with you when commuting or traveling.

(Source of the first picture: Science and Technology News)

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