June 6, 2023
iPhone 型号!iOS 16 推出已四个月,用户反映系统仍存在满满的 Bug

Questions are not limited to any particular iPhone model! Four months after the launch of iOS 16, users report that there are still full of bugs

iOS 16 has been launched for four months, and some users now report that there are still a lot of bugs in iOS 16, including slow keyboard pop-ups, random restarts, UI glitches, camera freezes, and more.

On Twitter, Reddit, MacRumors forums, and Apple’s official support website, users reported experiencing an unusually high number of bugs and poor system performance after the recent iOS 16 update. According to users, the issues range from Spotlight search glitches, keyboards not appearing in apps, rapid battery drain, camera app freezes, focus mode issues, Apple Music app bugs, HomeKit accessories not working, and CarPlay glitches.

On Reddit, users reported that the app could freeze after opening, or crash completely while in use. “This started happening after updating to iOS 16.2, I was using an app (happens on any app) and the app froze for a few seconds,” said one of the users.

Users also reported that issues with the Home app persisted after the iOS 16.2 update. A new feature of this update is an overhaul of the Home app’s architecture. Apple announced the new architecture in June, promising faster and more reliable HomeKit performance. However, after the release of the new app, users reported that there was a problem with attachments not working, forcing the official to withdraw the update in December, but this problem still exists in iOS 16.2.

Reports from users suggest that the problem is not limited to any particular iPhone model, and even users of the latest iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are experiencing issues, including a long-standing issue where users swipe up to close an app. , the phone will experience delays.

iOS 16.2 was released last month after testing with developers and public testers since October. Through the testing period in October, November, and December, Apple released five updates that addressed bugs and issues reported by testers.

Given that some users have encountered a lot of bugs on iOS 16.2, Apple may release iOS 16.2.1 to fix these issues before releasing iOS 16.3 in a few weeks.

The above is still online news, and everything has yet to be officially announced. For more technology information, please continue to watch the Chinese version of TechNave!

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