June 7, 2023
Qualcomm 与 Adobe 扩大合作范围,联手提升Snapdragon行动、运算和XR设备的创意体验

Qualcomm and Adobe Expand Collaboration to Enhance Creative Experiences on Snapdragon Mobile, Computing, and XR Devices TechNave

At the end of today’s Snapdragon Summit, Qualcomm announced that it has expanded its cooperation with Adobe to support creative experiences on devices equipped with Snapdragon mobile, computing and XR platforms.

Following Photoshop and Lightroom, Adobe Fresco and Adobe Acrobat will become the native applications of Windows PCs equipped with Snapdragon. With the advantages of Adobe Sensei, the artificial intelligence engine of Adobe, and the Qualcomm AI engine on the dedicated device of the Snapdragon computing platform, users can experience enhanced Exceptional on-device performance to support creative workflows and tasks including super-resolution, background removal and color enhancement, editing content on the move, and more.

Snapdragon Compute Platforms x A

On the other hand, the two companies are collaborating to develop XR-oriented authoring and consuming workflows powered by the Snapdragon Spaces™ XR developer platform for VR/MR headsets and AR glasses. Extending Aero from smartphones and PCs to XR products through Snapdragon Spaces can help creators create immersive stories with spatial awareness in headsets and devices, and enable end users to experience more through Aero Watch and interact in depth.

The collaboration also includes high-performance 3D workflows using Universal Scene Description (USD) across many Android devices to deliver XR experiences powered by Snapdragon Spaces.

These groundbreaking experiences for creating and viewing AR apps through Aero build on Qualcomm and Adobe’s long-term goal to deliver premium mobile experiences on Android smartphones powered by the Snapdragon platform.

Adobe now plans to expand the Aero app to the world’s top Snapdragon-powered smartphones.

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