June 6, 2023
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Qatar World Cup super crazy black technology: football to be charged! Built-in positioning sensor, pre-match charging live photo exposure! – Urban Tech Story Version

In fact, many new technologies are added to the World Cup event every year, and football itself, which is the core of the game, is of course no exception. This year’s World Cup special football has added a lot of sensors. Not only must it be inflated before the game, but it needs to be fully charged before it can be used. It can be called the most high-tech smart football in the history of the World Cup. And recently someone took a photo of a special football charging!

The World Cup soccer ball called “Al Rihla” (Journey) was developed by Adidas. In addition to the material and cutting method to improve the stability in the air, the inside is moreA high-precision position sensor is added to sense the position of the football on the field in real timeso that the camera can more effectively track the movement of the football and players, and can measure data such as speed and direction, so that the VAR system can track the position of the ball and assist the referee in judging whether the player is “offside”.

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A foreign netizen posted a photo on the Reddit forum. Before the start of the game, several game-specific balls “Al Rihla” were connected to charging cables and lined up next to the sockets to charge one by one. They were no different from modern smartphones. Al Rihla is said to last 6 hours per charge.Official soccer balls on the market don’t have built-in sensors, so they don’t need to be charged.

In fact, when Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo faced Uruguay earlier, he was suspected of scoring with a header after receiving a pass from his teammate. However, after checking the chip data inside the football, the official determined that Ronaldo did not touch the ball, so he scored The ball should be counted on teammate Bruno Fernandes, which made Ronaldo very dissatisfied. Some netizens even described Ronaldo’s controversial goal as “God’s hair”.

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KINEXON, a sensor developer, said that when a football is kicked and thrown, it can sense movements 500 times per second, and then wirelessly transmit the data to a local positioning system for analysis.

It is understood thatThe sensor installed in the ball weighs only 14g and is powered by a small battery that can provide power for 6 hours of continuous use. However, this game ball does not come cheap, and if fans want a replica of Al Rihla,You need to pay 240 Australian dollars (about RM722) to buy it, and you can’t buy the black technology in it.


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