March 29, 2023
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Pupil scanning may be introduced into the next generation of Face ID Apple AR / VR headset for payment authentication

The foreign media The Information quoted two Apple AR / VR headset developers as saying that Apple will add pupil scanning functions to AR / VR headsets, such as Face ID and Touch ID, which scan users’ pupils to log in to accounts and verify payments. , and even supports multi-user use.

It is reported that Apple acquired German startup SensoMotoric Instruments in 2017 to add pupil scanning to AR/VR headsets. The report pointed out that the AR/VR headset has a built-in camera to track the user’s gaze, and the eye tracking function also reduces the image fidelity of the user’s field of view, thereby reducing the image processing capability of the helmet. It is also equipped with 14 cameras, four more than Meta’s Quest Pro, which can more accurately capture and translate real-world motion into the virtual world. 2 downward facing cameras inside the AR/VR headset capture the user’s leg movements.

The AR/VR headset looks like ski goggles, uses mesh fabric, aluminum and glass as the main materials, will be lighter than the 722g Quest Pro, and can properly hide the exposed camera, and users who wear glasses can also use magnets Special lenses clip into the helmet, and the outward-facing display allows others to see the user’s expressions. In addition, it is also pointed out that AR / VR headsets can run at a low refresh rate, similar to the always-on display function of iPhone and Apple Watch, which can effectively save power.

source:MacRumors Mewe Page :

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