April 1, 2023
Public Bank促小心诈骗清洁服务广告,勿提供任何个人信息、银行资料以及OTP等

Public Bank urges beware of scam cleaning service ads, don’t provide any personal information, bank details, OTP, etc. TechNave

Public Bank recently issued a scam alert, reminding users to guard against fake cleaning service ads on social media!

Public Bank urges users to advertise fake cleaning services, do not fall into scams because of cheap offers, and be sure to check the remittance information provided by the other party on the Semak Mule Portal before paying.

More importantly, in addition to checking the background of the cleaning service provider, users should not easily share personal information with each other, such as online banking, credit or debit cards, as well as PBe verification codes (PACs) and one-time passwords. (OTP).

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