June 9, 2023
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Public and private joint efforts to prevent blockages and establish a more comprehensive information security protection network

In the face of almost limitless global cyber threats, continues to report important news in the field of information security. In the Taiwan Information Security Conference held for 9 consecutive years, it also witnessed the process of Taiwan’s emphasis on information security. Shortly after President Tsai Ing-wen took office in 2016, she promoted the national information security strategy of “Information Security is National Security”, and announced the content in the second half of 2018, aiming to establish a foundation for the four major aspects of organization, legal system, talent, and industry. In the process, The Information Security Office of the Executive Yuan was upgraded to the Information Security Office of the Executive Yuan. The Ministry of National Defense formally established the Information Information Army Headquarters and promoted the strengthening of the domestic independent information security industry. In terms of legal sources, the government formulates and implements information security management Law, and also amended the National Intelligence Work Law, including the information and telecommunications army into the quasi-intelligence system.

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