June 2, 2023
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PS5 sales in Japan are the second highest in history, and it has been on sale for the first time for three consecutive weeks than Switch | Urban Tech Story

Sony PS5 sales in Japan last week continued to hit the second highest record in history, and its weekly sales surpassed Nintendo (Nintedo) Switch for three consecutive weeks, which is the first time since it went on sale.

Japanese game general intelligence media Famitsu released statistics on the 16th, Sony PS5 sales continued to rise, but Nintendo Switch sales shrank, Microsoft (Microsft) Xbox Series X / S (XSX / S) sales plummeted, dragging down last week (6~12 Japan) Japan’s overall game console sales (including Switch, PS5, XSX / S) decreased by 7% from last week (January 30 to February 5) to 152,534 units, the first decline in three weeks.

Regardless of the type of machine, the sales volume of the Nintendo Switch series (regular version Switch + Switch Lite + OLED version Switch) in Japan last week was 55,025 units, a decrease of 1% from the previous week, and the fourth decrease in five weeks. Sales of the regular version of Switch increased by 1% to 12,513 units from last week, Switch Lite decreased by 5% to 10,048 units, and OLED version of Switch decreased by 1% to 32,464 units.

Famitsu pointed out that due to the hot sales of the game “Hogwarts Inheritance”, the sales of Sony PS5 series models (standard version with CD drive + digital version without CD drive) continued to increase in Japan. Last week, sales in Japan reached 93,574 units. An increase of 1% from the previous week, and three consecutive weeks of growth. The weekly sales volume hit the second highest record after it went on sale in November 2020 (only lower than the 118,000 units in the first week of sales), and the weekly sales volume far surpassed Switch, which is the highest in a row. It was higher than Switch for three weeks, dominating the Japanese game console market, and the sales volume of PS5 surpassed Switch for three consecutive weeks for the first time.

Sales of the standard version of PS5 in Japan last week increased by 7% to 81,798 units compared to the previous week, while the sales of the digital version dropped by 29% to 11,776 units.

Last week, “Hogwarts Inheritance” sold about 67,000 sets in Japan, ranking first among game software sales.

Last week, the sales volume of Microsoft XSX / S in Japan was 3,935 units, a sharp decrease of 73% from last week, the sales volume of XSX increased by 38% to 506 units, and the sales volume of XSS decreased by 76% to 3,429 units.

Sony announced an increase in supply on the 2nd, driving the global sales of PS5 game consoles to 7.1 million units in the last quarter (October-December 2022), a surge of 82% from 3.9 million units in the same period last year. After a new high record.

Sony has raised its PS5 global sales target for this year (April 2022 to March 2023) by 1 million units to 19 million units from 18 million units.

Nintendo announced on the 7th that the global sales of Switch series models in the last quarter were 8.23 ​​million units, a sharp drop of 22.9% from 10.67 million units in the same period last year. Nintendo lowered its global sales target for the Switch this year from 19 million to 18 million, an annual decrease of 22%.

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