March 29, 2023
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Porsche’s $1880 Chinese Kitchen Knife advertised as “can shoot garlic, indispensable in oriental kitchens”, aroused heated debate- Hong Kong

Just like Supreme launched bricks and biscuits, the brand launched cross-domain products, I believe everyone is familiar with it. However, recently, Porsche, a well-known sports car manufacturer, has launched a Chinese kitchen knife worth US$250 (about HK$1880), which has aroused heated discussions among netizens.

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A few days ago, Porsche put a kitchen knife with the model “P22 China 17.3cm” on its official website. The size of the kitchen knife is 17.3cm and weighs 320g. The handle is made of stainless steel, and the blade is printed with Porsche. trademark. Porsche also described its kitchen knife on the official website as “Chinese standard kitchen knife” and “Eastern kitchen is indispensable”.

Although many netizens laughed it off, in fact, this kitchen knife has been sold out in the United Kingdom, the United States and other regions. In addition, some mainland media have asked Porsche about whether the kitchen knife can shoot garlic, and the reply was “you can shoot garlic, but you need to consult the sales company for specific recommendations.”

source:Global Times

Image Source:Porsche

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