March 29, 2023

Popular ad filtering rule EasyList is under denial of service attack

anonymous reader wrote “The maintainer of the popular ad filter list EasyList is inHas seen a rapid increase in traffic in recent weeks, the source of the growth may be from a seriously flawed Indian Android browser, which frequently fetches the rules list. EasyList is hosted on GitHub and uses Cloudflare’s proxy service, but the free version of Cloudflare does not allow so much traffic. After the maintainer contacted the support engineer, they were told that the hosted TXT text format file was non-web content and violated the terms of service. Engineers suggested it use a subdomain, which Cloudflare no longer caches and proxy TXT text format. It’s unclear how EasyList will decide, which is a volunteer-driven project, will it accept donations to keep hosting, or change the domain name — affecting the many projects that rely on it? Adguard ran into the same situation last November, but using its own network infrastructure and consuming 100TB of traffic per month to return “rejected requests”. “

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