March 29, 2023
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Policy Address: Building a “Smarter Hong Kong”, government services will be fully electronic within two years – Hong Kong

The Chief Executive, Mr Lee Ka-chiu, today (19th) announced his first policy address in office. In terms of local scientific research and development, it said that it would launch the “Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Development Blueprint” within this year, mentioning many measures to assist local scientific research development, and said that the “Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Development Blueprint” would be launched within this year to “realize Hong Kong’s further development”. To formulate key policies for the four development directions of “Industrialization”, “Strengthen the Talent Pool of I&T”, “Smart Hong Kong” and “Integrate into the overall national development to consolidate the internationalization of Hong Kong”.

Among them, “Smart Hong Kong” aims to improve the quality of life of the citizens. The measures include the establishment of “Smart Government”, the goal is to fully digitize government services in two years, and the full use of “Smart Convenience” to provide one-stop digital services within three years. Realize the “one-stop service” for government services, and launch 100 digital government projects to use technology to provide more convenient services.

Li Jiachao also pointed out that the government will continue to actively open up government data and encourage public and private organizations to open up more data for innovative applications in the industry. The government will also discuss with the mainland the arrangements for the flow of data from the mainland to Hong Kong, so as to jointly promote the coordinated development of smart cities in the Greater Bay Area.

In addition, in order to expand the 5G network, the government will amend the legislation next year, specifying that new buildings must reserve space for the installation of mobile communication facilities to further expand the 5G network.

The government will vigorously promote fintech, including encouraging more fintech services and products to conduct proof-of-concept tests, promoting cross-border fintech projects, and nurturing fintech talents. “Business Data Connect” will be launched within this year, providing a one-stop platform for enterprises to share operational data, allowing banks to accurately assess the situation of enterprises, and improving the chances of SMEs being approved for loans. Mewe pages:

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