June 4, 2023
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Playing games with poor posture will be suspended, Sony’s new patent can be evaluated to remind players to pay attention to posture | TechNews Technology New Report

If the pace of the game becomes tense, many players will unconsciously get closer and closer to the screen, causing long-term poor posture of the eyes and body, causing problems such as eyesight or back pain. A new patent filed by Sony reminds players to take breaks and check for correct posture.

Submitted by Sony years agopatent, the game interference server will use the learning model to assess whether the player’s posture and body movements are repetitive, unbalanced or redundant, analyze and jump out of reminders such as rest and stretching, and even pause the game. Reminder text will be displayed as a notification at the top of the screen, allowing players to pause but not quit the game.Sony dynamic game intervention 01

Sony dynamic game intervention 02

It is expected that the patent will be implemented before PS5 and PS4, but pausing the game every about 1 hour may cause players to be disgusted. It’s been a few years since Sony filed this patent, and it’s likely that details will improve before it’s released.

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