March 29, 2023
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Pixel Watch shatters after falling 1 meter out of the box and cannot be repaired

It is usually full of joy to start a new electronic product, especially at the moment of opening the box, but a netizen CHARpieHS recently shared his painful experience in the Reddit discussion forum. The Pixel Watch he just bought was about 1 minute after opening the box. Falling to the ground, the surface was severely chipped, and the response he got when he contacted Google customer service was even more distressing.

CHARpieHS said that after he took out the brand new Pixel Watch, the watch fell to the ground accidentally. He said that when he took off the watch and knelt down to try to plug in the charger, the watch fell from a height of about 1 meter, and the surface of the watch fell down. Step bricks hitting the floor and shattering. CHARpieHS posted on Reddit because Google’s customer service staff said they couldn’t repair the surface for him, and that surface chipping wasn’t covered.

According to Google’s official website, the Pixel Watch uses a special 3D Corning Gorilla Glass reinforced glass that is scratch-resistant and can withstand water pressures up to 50 meters; Corning’s official website states that the Pixel Watch uses a strong, damage-resistant Gorilla Glass 5. For the time being, CHARpieHS has not thought of a solution, and may have to wait for Google to announce the repair terms later or consider buying a brand new one.

Data and picture sources:droid-life Mewe page:

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