June 7, 2023
960 feng mian an li gogolookguo jian fu

[Pioneering Experience: Gogolook Co-Founder and CEO Guo Jianfu]In response to the ChatGPT wave, companies must first do 2 things and consider 3 major challenges

As the ChatGPT wave became popular, it also began to blow a sense of anxiety about losing their jobs. “At this point in time, I encourage everyone to talk about ChatGPT with an open mind. Don’t be afraid of being laid off. The company will not do this.” Gogolook shared Founder and CEO Guo Jianfu wanted to establish a healthy and positive discussion atmosphere, which was the first thing he did after seeing this new wave of AI. Guo Jianfu quoted the observation of Andreessen Horowitz, the founder of a16z, that people’s anxiety about the wave of automation has exploded about every 30 years since the 1930s. Affecting all human labor, Andreessen Horowitz stresses that this feeling is dead wrong, not only advocating the trend, but also reflecting on the fact that it happens every 30 years.

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