June 9, 2023
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[Pioneer of mobile voucher innovation: Guangtian Hospital]Breaking through the traditional consultation process, doctors use mobile phone verification to realize cardless consultation

At the end of March, nearly 20 hospitals in Taiwan received an official letter from the Ministry of Health and Welfare, encouraging these hospitals to try to replace the physical card with the medical staff’s action certificate, so that doctors can see a doctor and access the cloud medical records of health insurance through mobile phone authentication without inserting the card. Information, embrace cardless consultation. The Ministry of Health and Welfare also emphasized in the letter that one hospital took the lead in creating a new card-free consultation process, and recommended that other hospitals try it out. This pioneer is Guangtian General Hospital located on the Taichung Sea Line. The scale is not as large as a medical center, and the resources are not as abundant as a private medical group, but it has the ability to carry out innovative applications, and has even become a model recommended by the Ministry of Health and Welfare. How does Guangtian Hospital do it?From mobile medical records to signing and issuing want to see a doctor without a card

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