June 6, 2023
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[Pioneer experience: Xie Zongzhen, CEO of Chimes AI]With the assistance of ChatGPT, it is easier for non-technical personnel to come up with new AI ideas

When the digital transformation of enterprises begins to expand and introduce emerging technologies, non-technical personnel often face a great adaption test. They do not know how to apply new technologies, analyze data, or interpret BI reports to make decisions. AI start-up Chimes AI CEO Xie Zongzhen has been using ChatGPT to help his business customers face these challenges since the end of last year. ChatGPT can be used to generate AI proposal proposals. There is an enterprise that uses Chimes AI modeling and management platform products. The boss wants to expand the application of AI to other departments and asks for proposals from various departments. However, non-technical departments are not familiar with AI technology and cannot imagine how to apply AI to workflow optimization.

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