June 6, 2023
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Peripheral products still have to earn, Apple may design special components for the iPhone 15’s USB-C

iPhone lightning

According to the latest EU regulations, Apple may be forced to use USB-C to replace the previous Lightning interface on the iPhone 15 released this year. However, in order to continue to maintain the iPhone’s huge peripheral product industry, it is rumored that Apple may design special components for the iPhone interface. Use only factory certified cables.

From the earliest 30 pins to the current Lightning interface, Apple has maintained the interests of peripheral product manufacturers through exclusive designs. With the expansion of iPhone profits and market share, the EU and Apple have been arguing for many years whether this design violates the trust law. In October last year, the EU legislation mandated that all electronic products must use the USB-C interface uniformly.

Therefore, in accordance with the regulations, Apple is bound to adopt the USB-C design for the iPhone 15 series released in September this year, which is bound to impact the development of the huge peripheral commodity industry. Recently, there has been news on Weibo that Apple is designing a unique USB-C for the iPhone. The C component, with software settings, can limit whether the connecting line inserted into the iPhone can operate, and it is possible to use an adapter to connect the existing peripheral products designed for Lightning.

However, whether this design can be achieved remains to be verified, because the current USB-C and Thunderbolt interfaces on all Mac series computers have not had similar designs for many years, so the iPhone 15 interface may still be compatible with all USB-C charging cables , but only normal speed charging and transmission can be used, and high-speed transmission or fast charging functions may be limited to Apple-certified products.

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