April 1, 2023

PCR without ramping steps

Zhuge terror wrote Conventional PCR reactions require variable temperature steps and therefore rely on expensive PCR machines. While the existing isothermal amplification technology is simple to use, it cannot replace PCR.Published in “Nature Communications” on the 23rd of this montha studyTake isothermal amplification PCR to a new level. This study reengineered a helicase (PcrA M6) from their previous study with a 4-fold increase in activity, which could replace the DNA temperature denaturation step and enable isothermal amplification PCR. The experimental results show almost the same characteristics and effects as traditional PCR. For example, only two primers are used, the time is short, and the plasmids and fragments in the genome can be amplified. The method is called SHARP (SSB-Helicase Assisted Rapid PCR).

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