June 9, 2023
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PC market downturn, Microsoft discontinued “Microsoft” brand keyboard and mouse, webcam | TechNews Technology New Report

PC market downturn, Microsoft discontinued

Microsoft plans to stop producing peripheral accessories such as mice, keyboards, and web cameras with the “Microsoft” brand, and instead focus on “Surface” brand accessories.

“Looking forward, we will focus on the PC accessories portfolio under the Surface brand,” said Dan Laycock, senior communications manager at Microsoft, in a statement. The company will continue to provide a series of peripheral accessories under the “Surface” brand, including mice, keyboards, handwriting pen, docking station, etc.

The Surface series products were first launched in 2012, including two-in-one devices Surface Go, Surface Pro, and notebook Surface Laptop, etc. The peripheral accessories have the same design style as tablets and notebooks.

While Microsoft continues to make “Surface”-branded mice and keyboards, often at higher prices, it’s unclear if any affordable accessories will make their way to the Surface lineup.

Microsoft launched the first “Microsoft” brand mouse for the first time in 1983. Currently, there are mice, keyboards, web cameras, wired/wireless headsets, presentation devices, etc. currently on sale in Taiwan. The current stock will continue to sell at the current price. While supplies last, the “Microsoft” brand peripheral accessories that have been on sale for 40 years have finally come to an end.

In the case of poor overall PC market conditions, Microsoft recently announced the new quarterfinancial reportIt shows that device revenue (including Surface, PC accessories and HoloLens) has decreased by 30% year-on-year. When Microsoft announced the layoff of 10,000 people at the beginning of the year, it talked about the possibility of changing the hardware product portfolio, and now it has confirmed that it will cut off the “Microsoft” brand peripheral accessories.

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