March 28, 2023

Painting community pixiv will separate attributes for AI-generated works

indigo flower write “October 20, posted on pixivannouncementAnnounced the imminent start of separate attributes for a class of AI-generated works, including:

1. In the work editing page, there is an option to select AI-generated works; 2. In the filter function, AI-generated works can be filtered; 3. An independent ranking of AI-generated works is provided, which is separate from other regular works.

It is expected to be implemented in late October this year, but these option updates are not “permanent”. When pixiv talks about AI technology in the announcement, it regards it as similar to 3D technology and other creation tools, which can effectively assist in the creation of “Right-handed assistant”. At the end of the article, it is said that in the development of AI technology, we are in “a transitional stage where relevant ethics and regulations have not been clearly defined.” More investigation and deliberation are still needed.”

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