March 25, 2023

Over 34 million iPhone 14s in stock; 4Paradigm submits a listing application to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange; 50 years ago, an old Hongqi car appeared on a second-hand website


Apple’s iPhone 14 stockpiles are considerable, and it is reported that more than 34 million units have been produced

According to foreign media reports, Apple has issued an invitation letter, announcing that they will hold a fall new product launch conference at 10:00 am Pacific time on September 7th, which is 1:00 am Beijing time on September 8th. The highly anticipated iPhone 14 series smart Mobile phones are coming this week.

For the stocking of the iPhone 14, there are reports that the progress is ahead of schedule, and more than 34 million units have been produced.

In previous reports, foreign media have mentioned that Apple requires contract manufacturers to produce 90 million iPhone 14 units this year, and 34 million units have been produced so far, which means that one-third of this year’s planned production has been completed.

The iPhone 14 is not expected to go on sale until September 16. Before that, contract manufacturers will also mass-produce it, so the stockpile before the final launch may exceed 40 million units. (Source: TechWeb)


It is reported that Amazon will enter the Japanese prescription drug market next year: cooperate with pharmacies to sell drugs online

According to Nikkei Asia reports, people familiar with the matter said on September 5 that Amazon is considering entering the Japanese prescription drug market. This could be a turning point for brick-and-mortar pharmacies in Japan.

Amazon plans to partner with small and medium-sized pharmacies in Japan to create a platform for selling prescription drugs, people familiar with the matter said. After placing an order online, users can sit at home and wait for delivery. Through the platform, patients can also receive online instructions on how to take their medications.

Amazon plans to launch the service next year, when e-prescribing will be legal in Japan. Of course, Amazon doesn’t operate its own pharmacy. Instead, Amazon will invite small and mid-sized pharmacies to sell prescription drugs online, and delivery will be provided by Amazon. (Source: Sina Technology)

Volkswagen to list Porsche at 85 billion euros valuation

Volkswagen said on Monday it would seek an initial public offering (IPO) of preferred shares in its sports car brand Porsche, in what could be one of the largest ever in Europe.

Analysts said the IPO could value Porsche at as much as 85 billion euros.

Volkswagen plans to conduct an IPO in late September or early October, depending on further developments in the capital market. The company said it will begin meeting with individual investors to gauge demand and determine the stock price. (Source: Zhitong Finance)

JD Logistics cooperates with Dongfang Selection, and cross-provincial orders can be delivered within 72 hours

According to the official news of Jingdong Logistics, Jingdong Logistics has reached a cooperation with Dongfang Selection to realize the same-day or next-day delivery of self-operated products in the same city, and cross-provincial orders can be delivered within 72 hours.

According to reports, the original supply chain model of Dongfang Selection adopts the warehouse of origin, and the normal temperature warehouses are set up in three districts of North China, Central China and South China respectively, and the inventory is independent.

Now, JD Logistics provides flexible and flexible supply chain solutions for Dongfang Selection, with flexible conversion between single warehouse and multi-warehouse models. Through the cooperation with JD Logistics, the overall delivery timeliness has increased by about 17% after the delivery of goods has been realized. (Source: IT House)


Ideal ONE will be discontinued and the price will be reduced by 20,000 to start a promotion

According to the China Securities Journal, it has learned from many Li Auto stores that Li Li Auto will stop production, and there has been a price cut recently. The discount this month is about 20,000 yuan. At the same time, Li Auto plans to release an upgraded model Li Li L8.

The ideal car customer service said: “The Lili L8 is an upgraded version of the Lili ONE. The Lili ONE will be discontinued in the near future, but the maintenance and car system upgrades will not have any impact.”

Shen Yanan, co-founder and president of Ideal Motors, said: “The Ideal L8 will be released in early November 2022, and delivery will begin the same month.” (Source: Pinwan)

Sequoia Investment’s Fourth Paradigm Updates Prospectus Again

Fourth Paradigm recently submitted a prospectus to the Hong Kong stock market again, preparing to list in Hong Kong.

Fourth Paradigm submitted the prospectus for the first time in August 2021, which is also the first time in a year. Fourth Paradigm submitted the prospectus for the third time, which is equivalent to experiencing two prospectus expirations in the middle.

Founded in September 2014, Fourth Paradigm is an enterprise in the field of enterprise-level artificial intelligence. Since its establishment, FourthParadigm has received financing many times, with Sequoia and Innovation Works as its shareholders.

According to the prospectus, Fourth Paradigm’s revenue in 2021 is 2.018 billion yuan, and the loss during the period is 1.8 billion yuan. (Source: Tiger Sniff)

PICO brand upgrade, open global strategy

On September 5, 2022, PICO, a brand of ByteDance, released a new vision and mission – to “become a leading world-class XR platform, achieve developers and creators, and create a better life experience for consumers around the world”.

At the same time, PICO has also renewed its brand LOGO, fonts and other visual signs to fully meet the needs of the brand’s globalization strategy and multi-scenario development.

Founded in 2015, PICO merged into ByteDance last year, and established the Byte XR business line on the basis of the original VR business. While upgrading hardware technology and enriching the content ecosystem, PICO has also successively launched in Europe, Japan, and South Korea. Establish offices in other regions and actively expand the international market.

It is reported that a new generation of product PICO 4 VR all-in-one machine will also be released globally from September to October. (Source: Geek Park)

The most profitable high-speed rail is also at a loss: the National Railway Group has a debt of over 6 trillion

Recently, China National Railway Group Co., Ltd. disclosed the final accounts for the first half of 2022.

Affected by the multi-point spread of the epidemic, China National Railway Group sent 787 million passengers in the first half of the year, a year-on-year decrease of 42.8%; total operating income was 485.7 billion yuan, a 5.3% decrease from 512.8 billion yuan in the same period last year; net profit loss was 80.4 billion yuan, compared with last year. The 50.7 billion yuan in the same period expanded by 58.5%.

The National Railway Group stated that the main reason for the loss of net profit was the spread of the epidemic at multiple points, which had a greater impact on railway transportation operations, especially passenger transportation and diversified operations. Even the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, known as “China’s most profitable high-speed railway”, lost 1.028 billion yuan in the first half of the year, of which the second quarter was the first quarterly loss since the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway company went public in January 2020. (Source: Fast Technology)


Xiaomi Mijia Outdoor Power Supply 1000 Pro will be on for pre-sale: starting price of 5999 yuan

On September 5th, the official Weibo of Xiaomi Smart Ecosystem released a warm-up poster, and a new device will be announced at 11:00 on September 6th, which is expected to be an outdoor power supply. And now, the Mijia Outdoor Power Supply 1000 Pro has been put on for pre-sale, with an initial price of 5,999 yuan.


The Mijia Outdoor Power Supply 1000 Pro uses a new energy vehicle lithium battery and a “mixed solid-liquid electrolyte lithium battery” with a battery capacity of 1022Wh and can be recharged 1000 times.

It is reported that the Mijia Outdoor Power Supply 1000 Pro has a built-in 280,000mAh / 1022Wh large-capacity battery with a long battery life of 1 kWh. It supports charging of up to 13 devices at the same time, and can support most outdoor electrical appliances and common equipment. It is suitable for outdoor camping, self-driving travel, field fishing and other scenarios. (Source: IT House)

Exposure of mass-produced vehicles: cancel the two-way door, the price is more than 200,000

On the morning of September 5th, some netizens photographed a test car wearing a camouflage on a street in Shunyi, Beijing. From details such as the outline and headlights, it can be judged that this is the first model of Jidu Auto, ROBO-01. production version.


As can be seen from the video, the biggest difference between the test car and the concept car is the return of the B-pillar. The concept version of ROBO-01 has a butterfly wing door for the front door and a carriage-style rear door for the rear door. The opening and closing angles of the front and rear doors are relatively large, and the vehicle adopts a B-pillar-free design, which makes the entire crew compartment look integrated, which is extremely large. It is convenient for front and rear passengers to get on and off the vehicle.

However, for mass production, safety is the top priority. The design without B-pillar will reduce the overall strength of the side of the body, making it difficult to pass the safety crash test. Whether there is a B-pillar may become the 10% gap between the concept car and the production car. part.

In terms of vehicle retail price, Baidu CEO Li Yanhong also gave the answer in Baidu’s Q1 earnings conference call – Jidu’s target market is family vehicles, and the product price is around 200,000 yuan. (Source: Car Stuff)


50 years ago, the old Hongqi car was found on the second-hand website: the price is 3.1 million, and it can be transferred to the road normally

Recently, a domestic old Hongqi CA770 appeared on the second-hand trading platform. According to the seller, the car can be used on the road normally, the transfer procedures are complete, and the condition and appearance of the car are extremely well maintained. However, the price given by the seller is 3.1 million yuan, which can even buy a supercar.


In addition, the driving license provided by the seller shows that the car was first registered in 1976, 46 years have passed since then, but it still has a certificate of conformity, which is valid until January next year, which means that the car can still drive on the road, According to the owner, the mileage of the car is 80,000-90,000 kilometers.

It can also be found from the driving license that this old red flag may be one of the earliest registered vehicles in China. The vehicle identification code of this car is 00188, and the engine number is only 348, which is really a “big brother” level. (Source: Fast Technology)

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