May 28, 2023
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Over 10,000 cars delivered to Huawei AITO for two consecutive months, the designated price is too low and not Quaker-Hong Kong

The Chinese media recently reported that the AITO question series of vehicles jointly developed by Huawei and Celis recently reported that the number of vehicles delivered exceeded 10,000 for two consecutive months. vehicle. At the delivery ceremony of Huawei M7 held last week, Huawei executive director Yu Chengdong was interviewed by the media to support the AITO series.

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Yu Chengdong said that in the face of chip shortages and power consumption restrictions in many Chinese cities due to high temperatures, Huawei and Celis have overcome many difficulties, increased production and delivered new cars to consumers quickly. At present, the AITO series mainly includes three models: the M5 electric version, the M5 extended-range version of the RV and the M7 SUV, all of which use Huawei’s intelligent system. According to Chinese media, the AITO series delivered only 3,045 new cars in March this year, which has tripled in the past six months.

In the interview, Yu Chengdong claimed that he replaced the BMW and Porsche cars at home with AITO M5 and M7 respectively, and shared that a friend originally planned to buy BMW X5, Benz GLS, Porsche Cayenne, etc., but turned to AITO. He also said that some people said that AITO’s price was too cheap, and asked him if he could sell it a little more expensive, thinking that a little more expensive could reflect his identity, because in the past, he always bought a car of more than one or two million yuan, and would not buy such a cheap one.

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