April 1, 2023

Our conscious experience of the world is a memory

According to a study published in the journal Cognitive and Behavioral Neurologya dissertationour daily experience of the world in real timejust a memory. Researchers have proposed a new theory of consciousness that ties it tightly to memory. In short, consciousness evolved as a memory system that helps us remember events in our lives – when, where, what, who – which in turn helps us creatively and flexibly reorganize to predict Or imagine other possibilities. Rather than we perceive the world in real time, we experience a perceptual memory. Our subconscious is filtering and processing the world and making split-second decisions. When conscious of these perceptions and decisions—that is, once raised to the conscious level, we actually experience memories of unconscious decisions and actions. Consciousness acts as a part of memory, helping to connect events and form a coherent narrative, rather than taking fragments from incoherent dreams.

Ewen Eagle

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