March 28, 2023
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Organizations with more than one million employees in the world, Taiwanese companies are also on the list | Urban Tech Story

glsun mall WNX6uk 1LV4 unsplash

Who is the biggest boss in the world? In terms of number of employees, the retail industry may come to your mind, but in this list, a Taiwanese company has reached the eighth position with 1.29 million employees.

There are many ways to measure the size of an organization. The number of employees is definitely an important indicator, not only for revenue, but also for social impact. Foreign media compiled the number of employees employed by large companies and government organizations, and listed the organizations with the most employees in the world. The top three are all military.

The organization that employs the most people in the world is the Indian Ministry of Defense, with 2.92 million employees, slightly more than the 2.91 million of the US Department of Defense. Now you know why the US presidential candidates attach so much importance to the military? They are at the heart of America’s leadership in the world, and at the same time the most important voter base.

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army has 2.55 million “employees”, ranking the third largest organization in the world, but this number does not include “non-military” personnel, while the statistics of India and the US Department of Defense include “non-military” personnel, so the actual gap may not be as much as 400,000. In any case, there is no other country’s army in the world, employing more than one million people, which shows that India, the United States, and China attach great importance to military power.


▲The list of millions of employees. (Source:Statesman

Walmart, the king of the US retail industry, has become the largest private company with 2.3 million employees, far ahead of the second Amazon’s 1.61 million people. But Amazon’s workforce has grown at an astonishing rate over the past five years, from just over 500,000 in 2017, and has tripled today, while Walmart’s 2.2 million workforce has barely grown in 2012.

Next is China National Petroleum Corporation, which is the fourth largest company in the world by annual revenue and employs as many as 1.45 million people. In May of this year, it signed a 30-year natural gas trading contract with Russia. The largest oil company by market capitalization.

The National Health Service (NHS) of the United Kingdom ranks seventh with 1.38 million employees. The NHS provides almost free medical services for all British citizens. Currently facing the impact of inflation and the epidemic, the NHS is also experiencing a crisis. The most grassroots doctors are brewing strikes, NHS There are even as many as 100,000 vacancies that cannot be filled.

The last company on the list, and the only Taiwanese company, is Hon Hai, the king of manufacturing, with 1.29 million employees worldwide, of which there are only about 4,000 employees in Taiwan, most of whom are foreign factory workers. It is worth mentioning that Hon Hai is the same as Walmart. As early as 2015, the number of employees has reached 1.3 million, and the growth of the number of employees has been limited.

Just looking at this list may make people mistakenly think that millions of employees are not uncommon. For comparison, the global employees of the two car kings, Toyota and Volkswagen, add up to only close to one million. It is no wonder that the experience of leading and managing employees in these companies has become the object of learning from other companies.

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