June 6, 2023
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Optimizing online processes to improve government service experience, Taipei City expands public-private collaboration with an open framework

On December 25 last year, Taipei Mayor Jiang Wanan led the small cabinet team of the Taipei City Government to take office. Among the heads of the bureaus of the city government, Zhao Shilong, who became the director of the Taipei City Information Bureau before the age of 40, was particularly eye-catching, different from the previous two information bureaus. The director came from academia, and Zhao Shilong transferred from the industry to the public sector, bringing fresh water to the Taipei municipal team. Zhao Shilong’s expertise is in the field of data science, including machine learning and deep learning, natural language processing, and computer vision. He has taught courses such as engineering mathematics and differential equations at National Taiwan University. In 2010, he opened a network and multimedia experimental course, teaching App and web pages Programming became a popular course for students at that time. About 400 students, including 17 and Cobinhood founder Chen Taiyuan, had taken this course and contributed to the golden age of Taiwan’s local apps.

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