March 27, 2023
OPPO Watch SE 全新智能手表曝光:支持 eSIM,可安装应用,AOD 表盘,续航 10 天

OPPO Watch SE new smart watch exposure: support eSIM, can install applications, AOD dial, battery life 10 days

OPPO has recently listed an OPPO Watch SE smartwatch on the official Chinese store, which will be released on October 20, and the price of the watch is not yet known.

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OPPO Watch SE has two colors of mist purple and ink gray, equipped with AMOLED screen, supports AOD dial, Osleep full-scene sleep guard.

In terms of functions, the watch supports an independent eSIM card, can use an independent App, is equipped with NFC, and the Osleep full-scene sleep guard supports bedtime reminders, sleep monitoring, and post-sleep analysis.

In addition, the OPPO Watch SE has a battery life of up to 10 days, a full smart mode battery life of 3 days, and a light smart mode battery life of 10 days.

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