March 25, 2023
OPPO A77s 测评:颜值再升级,其他方面与前代一样中规中矩

OPPO A77s review: The face value has been upgraded, and other aspects are as good as the previous generation – TechNave

OPPO’s A-series phones are one of the most popular entry-level phones in the Malaysian market. Taking advantage of OPPO Malaysia’s launch of the latest OPPO A77s, today I’m here to unbox and review this new phone.

Although the OPPO A77s is not much different from the previous OPPO A76 in terms of specifications, you can still take a look at the actual experience of this new phone!

Appearance design – simplicity is beauty

The OPPO A77s maintains the same design language as the A series. This time the appearance is not too prominent. The one I got is a light sky blue with a frosted surface.

DSC01925 1024x768 1

OPPO A77s back cover design

Compared to other phones in this category, the design of the OPPO A77s doesn’t stand out. The device lent to me is a light blue sky blue with a matte finish so I don’t have to worry about getting fingerprints on it. Although the overall color of this phone looks relatively simple, as long as the body is tilted slightly, you can see the faint yellow and pink light, which is also a small surprise.

If you like a simpler design, you can consider another color scheme of this phone, Starry Black.

DSC01930 1024x768 1

OPPO A77s dual rear camera

oppo a77s colour changing 1024x536 1

Gradient color can be seen on the back cover

As for the back cover, the camera module of the OPPO A77s is a rectangular design, equipped with two lenses and a flash. The camera module is not too protruding, about the thickness of two credit cards.

In addition, the OPPO A77s has a flat frame on the side, but the corners are rounded, and it feels good to hold. This design also makes this entry-level phone feel close to the iPhone 14 or Nothing Phone (1) in appearance.

DSC01931 aa 1024x768 1

The camera module is not too thick

DSC01936 aa 1024x768 1

Power button with integrated fingerprint recognition

DSC01937 aa 1024x768 1

Right Angle Border Design

In other respects, the power button of OPPO A77s is located on the right side of the phone, equipped with fingerprint unlocking function, and the left side has a dual SIM card slot and volume keys. At the bottom of the phone are the 3.5mm earphones, USB-C interface and speakers that are common in entry-level phones.

DSC01945 aa 1024x768 1 DSC01946 1024x768 1 DSC01947 1024x768 1

Overall, the OPPO A77s has a well-balanced design. Although the sky blue is not too prominent, it is not as boring as other entry-level phones.

Specifications – using last year’s processor

  • 6.56-inch LCD screen, HD+ resolution (1612×720), 90Hz refresh rate
  • Snapdragon 680 processor
  • 8GB RAM with additional virtual expansion of 5GB
  • 128GB internal storage
  • 50MP main camera + 2MP depth of field | 8MP selfie
  • 5,000mAh battery | SUPERVOOC 33W fast charge
  • ColorOS 12.1 operating system based on Android 12
  • Side fingerprint recognition
  • USB-C port, 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Dimensions: 163.74 x 75.03 x 7.99, Weight 187g

The screen size of the OPPO A77s is quite standard for a phone launched this year, the only pity is that it only supports HD+ resolution. When using this phone, whether it is the interface or watching videos, you can still see pixels.

DSC01941 aa 1024x768 1

OPPO A77s screen front

screen settings 573x600 1

Refresh rate/color settings

Fortunately, the OPPO A77s supports a 90Hz refresh rate, which brings a smoother picture than the average screen. The OPPO A77s provides a choice of 90Hz or 60Hz refresh rate, but it does not provide an adaptive option. Users must manually select it. If they want to save and extend battery life, they can only choose 60Hz.

In terms of color, the display color of the LCD screen of the OPPO A77s is quite satisfactory, but the peak brightness is only 600 nits, and the visibility in the sun is relatively low. In addition, the front of OPPO A77s adopts a water drop screen design, and the frame of the screen is also quite thick.

The OPPO A77s uses the processor of the OPPO A76, which is the Snapdragon 680. This processor was released in October 2021 and has been around for a year. Although it is not the latest, it is enough to meet the needs of daily work.

specs 570x600 1

System Information/Support Virtual RAM Expansion

home screen 547x600 1

mobile phone interface

In terms of storage, the OPPO A77s is equipped with a 128GB flash memory, which can be expanded through a microSD memory card if you have a lot of needs for shooting or downloading mobile games. The machine is also equipped with 8GB RAM and supports 5GB RAM virtual expansion. Users can open up to 13GB of RAM to support when opening multiple applications and multitasking.

Like most other entry-level phones, the OPPO A77s has a large battery capacity of 5,000mAh and supports 33W SUPERVOOC fast charging. The battery life of the new phone can usually be used for more than a day, and it can be quickly charged to restore blood.

It is worth mentioning that the OPPO A77s box also includes a charging head, USB-C to USB-A data cable and a transparent silicone case.

The fingerprint unlocking of OPPO A77s is quite sensitive, and it also supports face unlocking. I can unlock it normally even in a dimly lit room. In terms of camera, the camera configuration of OPPO A77s is quite standard, a 50MP main camera and 2MP depth-of-field lens. This dual-camera combination is simple and just right, so that the rear module of the mobile phone camera will not be too complicated, but the lack of ultra-wide-angle lens will limit the mobile phone. photographing ability.

camera ui 1024x742 1

camera interface

The front of the phone is equipped with an 8MP selfie camera that supports spotlight portrait shooting, a feature previously only available on the OPPO Reno series. With this feature, you can take captivating spheres of light, portrait photos with bokeh effects.

Performance – enough for everyday use

The Snapdragon 680 processor won’t necessarily be comparable to flagship processors like the Snapdragon 8 Gen1, but that doesn’t mean it’s underperforming, and it’s more than enough for those on a budget who are considering an entry-level phone.

geekbench 1024x697 1

Geekbench score

3dmark 986x1024 1

3DMark benchmark

The OPPO A77s is more than enough for basic tasks like texting, browsing social media, watching videos, opening apps, and browsing websites, and the supported 90Hz refresh rate makes the screen comparable to other mid-range phones.

In terms of mobile games, OPPO A77s can also play popular games such as COD Mobile and PUBG mobile games under low frame rate settings. Although it is not possible to play mobile games with the highest quality, on the whole, the mobile phone does not heat up too much during the game, and the performance is quite stable.

When testing high-definition games like Asphalt 9, the OPPO A77s suffered from a loss of smoothness even with the graphics settings lowered. Therefore, I suggest that you can play the aforementioned shooting games with this phone.

In terms of battery life, the OPPO A77s can last for nearly 11 hours when fully charged, even if the 90Hz refresh rate is turned on, if the screen remains on (screen on time). Of course, in normal use, the OPPO A77s can last for more than a day.


When the phone is turned on, the screen is always displayed and the battery life is more than 10 hours

charging 1024x1017 1

1 hour 6 minutes to charge from 2% to 99% (9:12am to 10:18am)

In addition to battery life, OPPO A77s also has a good performance in charging. It only takes about an hour to fully charge with SUPERVOOC 33W. For an entry-level mobile phone, this blood recovery speed is not bad, even if you want to charge 10% of the battery, you don’t need to wait too long.

When it comes to shooting, OPPO A77s can basically take good photos in sufficient light, and the color of the photos will be more saturated than the actual objects. On the other hand, the portrait mode of the OPPO A77s is quite good, and it can separate the subject from the background well; as for the night shot performance, it is OK, but sometimes obvious noise can be seen.

In addition to taking pictures, OPPO A77s can record 1080p resolution videos at 30fps. The picture quality is quite standard for entry-level mobile phones, but the color will be lighter. Similarly, nighttime video recording also has obvious noise problems.

Also, the phone doesn’t have any stabilization, so it’s advisable not to move too much while recording video.

Summary – entry-level phone that matches the price

The OPPO A77s is priced at RM999 in Malaysia. For below RM1000, it is a value-for-money device, but its exterior design is relatively unchanged and innovative compared to the previous generation.

At the same price point, there are Samsung Galaxy A13 5G priced at RM1099, realme 9 priced at RM899 and HONOR X9 priced at RM1099.

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