March 29, 2023

Operation of three German nuclear power plants to be extended until next April

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has reached a compromise between rival partners in the ruling coalition,Ordered the country’s remaining three nuclear power plants to continue operating until mid-April 2023. The German government is trying to avoid an energy crisis this winter. The move suggests Scholz is effectively quelling the argument to end a conflict between his partners in government – the Greens and the Liberal Democrats (FDP) – that threatens the unity of the ruling coalition. Germany had planned to shut down the remaining three nuclear power plants by December 31 this year. The Liberal Democrats believe the shutdown should be postponed to avoid an energy hazard, while the Greens insist that the shutdown go ahead as planned. Greens economics minister Robert Habeck later backed down under pressure from the Liberal Democrats to announce two of the buildings would be temporarily closed. But the Lib Dems still want to further extend the life of the three nuclear power plants. The Prime Minister has now stepped in to end the row.

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